• EHV Cable Testing

    • Pre-Commissioning Tests
    • Power Freq HV/PD/TD Testing
    • VLF Testing
    • DC Hipot Testing

    EHV XLPE cable life-cycle services up to 400kV

    • Installation & commissioning tests
    • Periodic maintenance diagnostics
    • Preventative maintenance / failure event activities


    • Testing standards IEC 60840 & IEC 62067:2022
    • Testing as per DEWA & CIGRE recommendations
    • Withstand testing using VF resonance kit
    • Highest capacity (18MVAr) on-site HV test system in India
  • Testing Experiences

    • VLF 60kV testing on 220kV EHV cable
    • Power frequency test on charging failed cables
    • 100kV DC test on 132kV XLPE cable

    Future Expansion

    • Addition of modular 230kV x 4, 120A HV test system
    • Will be able to test 7.5kms of 400kV cable, or 15kms of 220kV cable, or 20kms of 132kV cable
    • Addition of 120kV VLF test system with Omicron PD measurement system
    • Addition of Capacitance & Tan-Delta at rated voltage test on-site