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Who We Are?

Samgor Technology has been in the High Voltage domain since its inception in 1988 in Shanghai. While the main products initially were HV Standard Capacitors and Voltage Dividers. Samgor Technology expanded the horizon post 2002 to design and manufacture all kinds of High Voltage test systems and related T&M instruments.
From a small team of dedicated engineers we have grown into an international company with worldwide offices and customers in over 50 countries.

What We Promise


> Keep looking through all small points and keep upgrading.
> Keep looking for new and better technology and materials.
> Keep learning from mistake and improving the procedure.


> Strong R&D team
> Hire global engineers to bring new ideas to the team.
> Keep investing at development and innovation.


Never leave a single customer's reasonable request.


Build global service and sales centre to supply the fast and reliable service and response.


Our Strengths


We have been upgrading our products and designs continually to make them more reliable and in consonance with the ever increasing levels of electrical power system standards and demands of our customers. We have been also changing ourselves to adapt to being more efficient and responsive to customer needs


Our focus on customer satisfaction with our products and services lead us to have repeat business with them and their associates. Customers across 50 countries are the main pillars of our success


We commit to serve customer needs by expanding our product portfolio from time to time. We try to ensure product and service delivery commitments are met in time. We strive to provide better post-sales experience by communicating regularly with customers and also sharing our experience and information relevant to their needs

Technology and Innovation
Samgor is the first company to develop the mobile variable frequency AC resonant test system for GIS on site testing.
Samgor is also the first company to develop the retractable SF6 gas filled mobile AC test system for on site GIS testing and instrument transformer testing and calibration.
Samgor has also pioneered the development of integrated fully automatic test system for distribution transformer. The system can do Induced voltage test / no load test / load test / applied voltage test all by automatic switch able connections, and can reduce testing time to about 10 mins for routine tests.
Samgor surpassed its own development by making the 1600 kV SF6 gas filled standard capacitor in the world, and no whas more than 20 successful installations across the world.
Samgor have designed our own impulse voltage generator structure, that is very modular and with automated resistor changing depending on the object.
Samgor have innovated the modular type shielding room that makes installation time of middle and small size shielding room less than 7 days (including the civil work)