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Power and distribution transformer test system and components can be used for testing transformer up to 1000kV/600MVA. Samgor offers the turn-key project of power/distribution transformer test system. It includes selection, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, testing & calibration, training. It can perform all type tests and some special tests on transformers.

Power Transformer Test System :

PTTS series power transformer test system is the complete test system for single and three phase power transformer and power reactor up to 765kV. The system can perform all the tests on transformer. Samgor offers the turn-key project of the PTTS power transformer test system. Samgor has developed transformer test systems that offer customer a reliable and flexible solution. Utilization of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the control system, the PTTS series power transformer test system allows the customer the ability to add optional features or change the test sets operating procedures by reprogramming the PLC. This is much more cost effective than rewiring test set as required in traditional test systems. All test data can be recorded automatically and the necessary correction calculations are performed automatically. The system calculates corrected losses, efficiency, regulation and percent impedance. Computer aided data acquisition is increasingly becoming standard as customers demand computer generated reports which reduces operator error. The system features Microsoft Windows based testing software which builds a data base of transformer test results and creates accurate final test reports in Microsoft Office format. Setup maps for each test are provided to reduce connection mistakes.

Area of Application:

- Winding Resistance Test
- Turns Ratio and Vender Group
- Insulation Resistance Measurement
- Excitation Current Measurement, Harmonics Analysis
- Excitation Loss (No-load or core loss) Test
- Impedance Voltage Measurement
- Full Load Current Measurement, Harmonics Analysis
- Copper Loss (Load loss) Test
- Temperature Rise Measurement, Heat Run Test
- Applied Voltage Test
- Induced Over Voltage Test
- Partial Discharge Test
- Impulse Voltage test / Chopping Wave Test
- Bushing Test
- Transformer Oil Test
- Sound Level Measurement
- Zero Sequence Impedance Measurement
- Radio Interference Test
- Transit Characteristic Test