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TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System offers a perfect solution to accurately measure the losses at no load and load condition, even if quality factor is lower to 0.008. It avoids damage in CT and voltage divider that may occur by selecting wrong measuring range. TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System combines well-established and reliable hardware with up-to-date and powerful software. The system can be integrated into a computerized test field. The control computer can be connected to the factory LAN and therefore the measuring data can be externally accessed for backup and further processing. For each current transformer we use two separate CTs to cover the difference between measuring ranges, typically from 0.5A-2000A (4000A). TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System can be used for testing small, medium, large power transformers and shunt reactors as well as motors and turbines up to 400Hz. TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System can select NORMA 5000 or WT 3000, both of them are best precision power analyzer that can be chosen in the market. Also both of them has been accepted and installed by transformer manufacturers around the world and distinguished itself in the rugged transformer manufactory environment

Area of Application:
- Research & Development
- Transformer Manufacturers
- Transmission Network Service Providers
- Distribution Network Service Providers

Testing Applications:
- No Load Measurement
- Load Loss Measurement
- Induce Voltage Measurement
- Heat Run Test
- Zero Sequence Measurement

- High loss measuring accuracy up to ±1.15% at very low quality factor to 0.008
- Manual or automatic ranging for current and voltage channels
- Special design of the electromagnetic current transformer
- Automatically calculate & display the test result
- Built in waveform analyzer for extracting harmonics on each voltage and current channels
- Shorter payback period, increased ROI and low cost