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The electrical power demand is rising rapidly and huge quantity of electrical power is necessary to transmit from one place to other for fulfilling this rising power demand. Bulk power transmission can be most efficiently done through high voltage electrical power transmission system. Hence, high voltage system becomes most essential requirement for power transmission. The equipments used in these high voltage transmission system, should be capable of withstanding over voltages during operation and by suitable testing procedure we ensure that this is done. High voltage testing can be broadly classified into testing of insulating materials (samples of dielectrics) and tests on completed equipment. The tests carried out on samples of dielectric consist generally of the measurement of permittivity, dielectric loss per unit volume, and the dielectric strength of the material. The tests carried out on completed equipment are the measurement of capacitance, power factor or total dielectric loss, ultimate breakdown voltage and flash-over voltage. The breakdown voltage test on complete equipment is only done on a few samples since it permanently damages and destroys the equipment from further use. Since all equipment have to stand up to a certain voltage without damage under operating conditions, all equipment are subjected to withstand tests on which the voltage applied is about twice the normal voltage, but which is less than breakdown voltage. High voltage equipment testing provides a form of preventive maintenance, which allows discovery of issues associated with the equipment before those issues become more problematic. Samgor offers factory testing and onsite testing which includes all the high voltage tests on these high voltage equipments / systems.