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SF6 Filled High Precision Standard Capacitor:

YL series Insulated Standard Capacitor is an essential part of every modern high-voltage equipment, laboratory and test field where it occupies a wide range of important functions. SF6 insulated standard capacitor is used in measuring bridge Circuits to measure the dielectric dissipation factor tan δ of all types including cables, capacitors, bushings, instrument transformers and power transformers. Further more it can be used as high-voltage capacitor for voltage divider circuits of high-voltage transformer test system. YL series standard capacitors can also be used as the high-voltage section of a capacitive divider. This allows accurate high voltage measurements like loss measurement on power transformer. For very high voltages a grad with discrete capacitor elements achieves a liner field distribution. This results in higher voltage withstand capability even at humidity levels up to 95% without condensation. We use special stainless steel to permit the prefect temperature and voltage coefficient stability. The capacitor is provided with a top electrode which allows partial discharge free interconnections to the other elements of the HV circuit.

SF6 insulated standard capacitor is designed for indoor service or outdoor service and standard capacitors of YL series are used for:
- Exact measurements of the capacitance and tan delta
- Exact measurements of AC voltages (AC divider) in the industrial frequency range (with add. internal electrode or add. secondary part).

Our basic standard for calibrating each standard capacitor is a XIHARI (China) calibrated internal standard. A standard capacitor should be re-calibrated every year. Samgor can provide these services on-site.

Routine Tests in the factory :
Normally capacitance, tan delta and partial discharge values are tested before and after over-voltage test.

- 1 SF6 filling device with SF6 gas and 1 connection hose with adapted fitting
- Set of HV connections
- Secondary part for voltage measurements
- Air Cushion