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Electromagnetic field and line-conducted interference needs to be eliminated in order to measure low-intensity partial discharges with a PD background noise level ≤ 1 pC. Since high-voltage tests are typically integrated into production workflows, radiated and line-conducted interferences may enter the measuring circuit and distort the measuring signal. This is why an environment with very low PD background noise level, typically lower than 1 pC is required for partial discharge measurements and partial discharge measurements must be carried out in a shielding room. The effect of electromagnetic field interference caused by radio signals, radar stations, welding arcs, etc. can be limited by a shielded room, also known as a Faraday cage. Radiated interferences are attenuated due to the shielding effect of the shielding elements. In addition, line-conducted interferences are attenuated by a specially designed power noise filter system and earthing system that is adapted to the actual application. The design and size of the shielded rooms depends on the application. They are separated into a test and control room. Furthermore they are equipped with a PD-free lighting system, emergency lighting and security loop. There is the option of equipping the room with air-conditioning and a crane as well. The high-frequency filters are used to filter the power and control input and the communications lines. The high-frequency filters are installed as close to the shielded rooms as possible to ensure optimal attenuation.

Modular Shielding Rooms (MSR) Series for High Voltage Testing :
The shielding rooms are developed for frequency range from 30 kHz to 1 MHz. Since high demands for testing of high-voltage cables in terms of PD background noise level, the shielding rooms are particularly optimized for this task. As compare to widely used modular panel RF shielding construction technique Samgor develops a evolutionary construction technique. MSR series shielding room use several modules to construct a whole shielding room. The number of modules is from 1 to 20. Typical size of shielding room is between 3m×2.4m× 2.5m to 16m×12m×10.5m. The basic construction and production technique of each module is similar to the normal container. So each module gets extremely high structural strength and long working life.
Assembling and dismantling of MSR series shielding room is very easy as compare to any similar size shielding room. Traditional weld type shielding room and most of modular panel shielding room are very difficult to dismantle and relocate to another area but MSR series shielding room can easily and quickly be rebuilt within few days. Double shielding panel covers whole shielding room. First panel use 1.5mm thick zinc coating steel plate arranged in an overlapping manner, second shielding panels use 1.6mm thick, SPA-H steel panel with corrugation as the outside decorative plate. For preservation, the MSR series shielding room uses three layers surface treatment. First layer is epoxy zinc rich primer for 20 microns, second layer is intermediate coating for 40 microns, third layer is polyurethane top coating for 50 microns.

Benefit and Advantage :
- Quick Assembling and dismantling due to evolutionary module design
- Low background noise level. Typically less than 1pC
- Light and CCTV is included before shipment
- Extremely high structural strength and long working life up to 100 years
- Rolling up or sliding shielding door are available
- Double steel or epoxy ground is available
- Complete solution to solve the partial discharge background noise problem from grounding to EMI and EMC