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Partial discharges (PD) are localized dielectric discharges in a partial area of a solid or liquid electrical dielectric insulation system under high-voltage field stress. It can be caused by discontinuities or imperfections in the insulation system. PD testing thus gives an indication of deterioration of the insulation and is an indicator of incipient faults. In general PD will occur in systems operating at voltages of 3000 V and above. It should be noted though that in some cases PD can also occur at lower voltages. Samgor offers a broad range of partial discharge equipment from simple discharge meters and calibrators to digital detectors with diagnostic capabilities to complete AC/DC partial discharge test systems. In addition, our long experience in this particular field helps to select the correct measuring methods and configurations. Our equipment has been tested and proved in screened environments, open factories, on-site testing and installed cable test and diagnosis.

Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System:

Multi-channel digital partial discharge measuring system, SG4008 series developed by SAMGOR with powerful anti-interference capability and up to six channels using the latest technology designed for next-generation high-performance analysis of digital PD measurement instruments. It is the substitute of traditional analog PD instrument. It can collect data from single to six channels and show in the windows in the same time. This featured instrument will make your measurement more flexible and convenient. All kind of unique anti-interference technology allows you to measure accurately. High speed sampling rate with analog PD instrument’s visual effects to provide a variety of waveform analysis, recording method to easily determine discharge properties. All the test data is automatically recorded and processed and it can quickly generate a test report. System is designed using analog electronics, high-speed signal acquisition technology and advanced digital signal processing. SG4008 Multi-channel digital partial discharge measuring system using WINDOWS operating platform are free to choose ellipse, straight line, sine wave shows, two-dimensional, three-dimensional graphical analysis methods and spectral window. Multiple input channels can be a boost of six test samples measured PD signal (expandable). It is easy to process band selection & gain change. In addition the system can also print or save the single frame drawing & continuous-time graphical data for analysis. SG4008 system is composited with the portable anti-interference notebook computers, host machine, detection impedance, calibrator and signal processing systems software.

Features :
- Digital set various control parameters
- Small size, light weight, anti-interference ability
- Easy to use & stable performance
- It can measure, observe and analyze test voltage
- Advanced spectrum analysis and processing can effectively reduce background interference
- It is ideal equipment for partial discharge measurement and analysis for the power industry and electrical equipment company, especially suitable for field use.

User Benefit:

- Easy to use: SG4008 series uses standard Windows operating system. All the features of analog PD instrument are built in. In addition, advanced features like high accuracy, automatic calibration, data analysis and customized test recording are added features.
- Automated Testing: SG4008 automated calibration simplifies setup & this series can work with any HV source. Test reports contain complete data of test
- Advanced Analysis Capability: SG4008 series possesses the most flexible analysis tools of any multi-channel digital PD measuring system
- Flexibility: optional programs can quickly loaded & utilized.
- Less Interference: There is full control over gating (vertical & horizontal) of pulses which results in reduced interference.
- Open Architecture Design: SG4008 detector has been designed with an open hardware & software architecture that eliminates obsolescence.

Area of Applications:

- Power cables
- Distribution & power transformers
- MV & HV switchgear, GIS
- Power circuit breakers
- Bushings
- Reactors
- HV components & laboratories
- Line insulator products
- Power factor correction capacitors
- Potential transformers & current transformers