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CDY Series

Impulse Voltage & Current test systems are used for impulse voltage & current testing of transformers, cables, gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), arresters, and other high-voltage devices. Impulse voltage generator can be used to generate impulse voltage simulating lightning strokes & switching surges, chopping wave, oscillating wave, steeping wave and 4/10us, 8/20us, 10/350us impulse current wave. Impulse voltage and current test systems are available for factory testing from 10 kV to 7200 kV (LI) / 5600 kV (SI) and onsite testing from 10 kV to 3000 kV (LI) / 2000kV (SI) & CDY series mainly has four types of structure. - S Structure: voltage from 200kV-500kV
- L Structure: voltage from 500kV-1600kV
- E Structure: voltage from 600kV-2100kV
- H Structure: voltage from 800kV to 4800kV.


- All the synchronization discharging spheres are set in a sealed insulating barrel. Every level of sphere gap is armed with windows for observing. Filtered clean air is constantly supplied while the equipment is running. Sphere ball is unaffected of change in environment.
- Every level of loop is equipped with parallel discharging gaps with interstage coupling capacitance and resistor to hold potential, which extends the range of synchronous discharging. - Automatic grounding device and security grounding system (L series & H series).
- You can choose air cushion transportation system for your CDY series impulse voltage generator. It can be moved smoothly and conveniently if needed.
- Series resistors can be interchanged with one another.
- Different values of same resistor type can be used
- Unique & supports mobile impulse generator design.
- Unique DC charging device equipped with S and L structure.
- Automatic PLC control and high accuracy.
- Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference

Protection of Test Objects and Test Systems
- The test system will be shut down in case of over-voltage, over-current and fast voltage transients. The test system is continuously monitored during test operation.
- CDY series impulse generator is a modular system. The impulse generator can be upgraded to higher peak values by addition of some stages. Other wave shapes can be generated by adding resistors and/or other external circuits. Also the load range can be extended by adding the Glaninger circuit or the Overshoot Compensation.

Components of the Impulse Test System
- Impulse generator (S,L,E,H)
- Charging rectifier
- Impulse voltage divider
- Control system