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Calibration :

We are service provider for high voltage test system calibration services according to their specifications & requirements. We offer a range of calibration services aimed at keeping your high voltage test equipment maintained, accurate and functional to the highest standards. In the process of calibrating your instrument we are comparing the accuracy of your test system to known standards that are traceable to both national & international standards. We calibrate substation / high voltage test instruments. This ensures that your device is generating accurate measurements every time you use it. We calibrate a large range of these instruments and cover all functions.

On-site Calibration:
On-site calibration saves the lot of time & cost. Customer can render on-site services when,
- Instrument can’t move from production plant
- No. of instruments are available at production

Calibration Contract:
We take calibration contract for whole year and maintain the calibration planner for that company. Under this contract calibration of equipment can be done at lab, at site. Calibration for all equipments is available under one roof.
Calibration at Our Facility / Lab: Calibration of different types of equipment is calibrated under Xihari or NABL, ERDA at LAB or at our calibration facility. High voltage calibration lab provides high accuracy capability for conducting tough reliability tests on all high voltage devices.