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AC voltage and current test system is used to be perform electrical test on a component such as bushing, arrestor, insulating material or high voltage products such as high voltage cables, power transformers, instrument transformers, gas insulated switchgears, air insulated switchgears, high voltage insulators, etc to determine the effectiveness of its insulation. For safety, testing insulation integrity of high voltage equipment is essential for all high voltage products. AC voltage and current test system has a variety of applications. Such as routine maintenance/factory delivery test, type test. Suitable to indoor and outdoor testing application also.

AC Resonant Test System:
AC Resonant Test System SGM series is applied for the generation of a continuously variable alternating voltage (AC) of a fixed frequency (50/60Hz) for high-voltage (HV) routine, type and development testing of capacitive test objects. They can also be applied for HV on-site tests. Capacitive test objects are cables, capacitors, gas insulated switchgear (GIS), power transformers (for applied voltage tests). Resonant test systems enable not only HVAC tests at 50/60 Hz but also at higher or lower frequency (20-300 HZ) and dynamic tests with fast voltage changes (e. g. for capacitors). Because of their precise sine-wave, resonant test systems are very well suited for the combinations of HVAC withstand tests with partial discharge (PD) measurement.

- Low power demand. Only 1 to 10 % of the test power must be supplied.
- A resonant test system is remarkably lighter, cheaper and more economic than AC transformer test system and should be applied if the test objects are capacitive.
- In case of a disruptive discharge, the system goes out of resonance.
- Resonant test systems are characterized by a very modern system configuration and have proven highest reliability.
- Tunable reactor modules for series resonant circuits are available between 50 and 1600 kV with test power between 50 and 37500 KVa.
- Tunable frequency modules for series resonant circuits are available between 100 and 1600 kV with test power between 50 and 9000 KVa. (Typical Frequency adjustment: 10-300 HZ)